01. Ian begged his wife to [forgive] him after his affair with an old girlfriend.
02. The little boy made his confession to the priest, who told him he was [forgiven].
03. I will never [forgive] him for cheating on me with my best friend.
04. He [forgave] his little brother for breaking his toy airplane, but warned him to be more careful the next time.
05. Taking your sister's CD player without asking, and then losing it is [unforgivable]. You should be ashamed of yourself.
06. The rich nations of the world will have to [forgive] at least a portion of the debt owed by the developing countries in order for the poor nations to make any real progress.
07. His wife is a very [forgiving] person, and he takes advantage of her.
08. Your mistakes are quite [forgivable]. After all, you're still learning the job.
09. An Afghan proverb advises, "Be patient with your enemies and [forgiving] of your friends."
10. An African proverb notes that he who [forgives] wins.
11. A Berber proverb observes that if God were not [forgiving], heaven would be empty.
12. A Saudi Arabian proverb states that [forgiveness] is more satisfying than revenge.
13. A Chinese proverb holds that weaklings never [forgive] their enemies.
14. There is an old saying which advises us to [forgive] and forget.
15. William Blake once remarked that it is easier to [forgive] an enemy than to [forgive] a friend.
16. Peter Ustinov once said that love is an act of endless [forgiveness]; a tender look which becomes a habit.
17. Syrus once remarked, "How unhappy is he who cannot [forgive] himself."
18. Thomas Szasz once suggested that the stupid neither [forgive] nor forget; the naïve [forgive] and forget; the wise [forgive], but do not forget.
19. Robert Doisneau once noted, "Life is short. [Forgive] quickly. Kiss slowly."
20. Someone once suggested that it is easier to get [forgiveness] than permission.

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(especially for a small offence), , ,

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